Armenia destroyed 40 hectares of forests in Basitchay

  04 June 2021    Read: 278
 Armenia destroyed 40 hectares of forests in Basitchay

"As a result of the ecological terror committed by Armenia, the specially protected nature was seriously damaged in the liberated territories. Basitchay reserve is 107 hectares, of which 100 hectares were built to protect plane trees. However, nearly 40 hectares of the area were destroyed," Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Vugar Karimov told reporters.

“Currently, the inflicted damage is being assessed. Monitoring continues regarding the Basitchay Reserve. However, security issues must be taken into account because of mined areas. When relevant agencies allow, monitoring is organized in those areas,” Karimov said. 

"Azerbaijan had appealed to the international conventions and organizations of which Azerbaijan is a member in regard to the ecological terror in our liberated territories. The international organizations have not reacted to those appeals," Karimov also added. 

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