Azerbaijani Diaspora journalists send letter to international organizations

  07 June 2021    Read: 306
 Azerbaijani Diaspora journalists send letter to international organizations

A group of Azerbaijani journalists living abroad sent an appeal to the international community and international organizations over the death of journalists who killed on duty in the liberated territories in Susuzlug village of Kalbajar district, reports citing the State Committee on Work with Diaspora of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The appeal reads as follows:

"Media representatives play a significant role in the war zone, as well as in the areas where the war ended, to broadcast unbiased and accurate information, to act as a bridge between the conflict zone and other parties. Siraj Abishov and Maharram Ibrahimov, employees of the Azerbaijan State News Agency and Azerbaijan Television, who were on duty in the conflict-affected areas and 1 employee of a state organization, were killed when an anti-tank mine fell on the bus outside the Susuzluq village, Kalbajar district. Also, 4 people were hospitalized with high injuries as a result of this explosion.

Unfortunately, international non-governmental organizations and journalists 'associations, which in many cases act as defenders of journalists' rights, do not react to the crimes and remain silent. The indifference of international human rights organizations and journalists' associations to such violations of human rights and the rule of law, which prevent the activities of civilians, including media representatives, can make such crimes grow around the world.

As Azerbaijani journalists living abroad, we appeal to international organizations, including the United Nations and the Council of Europe, as well as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch that Armenian does not hand over the maps of mined areas occupied which have been under occupation for nearly 30 years and liberated during the 44-day war. Also, they grossly violate the humanitarian norms and principles and crush international human rights by secretly entering the Azerbaijani lands and planting new mines.

We reiterate that as a result of these criminal acts of Armenia, the civilians and the media representatives were killed. We demand Armenia to hand over the maps of landmines planted in the territories of Azerbaijan, which had been held under occupation for 30 years as well as stop the mining process within our borders defined by international law. We ask the international community and journalists' organizations to react on the recent all these.

Mammad Gulmammadov, Turkey- Haber Global

Sevil Nuriyeva, Turkey- Turkmedia Group

Natig Nailaoglu, Turkey- Real TV

Nigar Mahmudova, Turkey- Haber Global

Ilhama Gasimli, Turkey-independent journalist

Mahsati Sharif, Turkey- independent journalist

Konul Shamilgizi, Turkey- independent journalist 

Nigar Ogeday, Turkey- independent journalist

Vugar Abbasov,  the head of the Dutch connect organization, a journalist

Khatira Sardargizi, Netherlands- Real TV

Tunzala Rafiggizi, Germany- independent journalist

Farahim Gasimov,

Vahid Imanov,  Spain -independent journalist 

Saadat Kadyrova,Russian political scientist and journalist

Shahriyar Imanbeyli, the vice-president of the Russian media holding Vostok

Khayal Tagiyev, independent Russian journalist

Nilufer Shikhli,  Russia- Ria Novosti

Ramiz Mashadihasanli, Kazakhstan- Turkel Media

Asli Khalilgizi, Turkey- independent journalist 

Azer Jahangirov, Russian international journalist

Naila Efendiyeva, the editor of the Russian website

Idrak Abbasov, Norwegian Public Television and Radio Company

Azer Mammadov, independent journalist from Georgia

Hijran Aliyeva, independent Polish journalist

Vahid Gazi, Swedish independent journalist

Museyib Alakbarov, editor of the Russian website

Ogtay Hajimusali, independent journalist in Turkey

Ilkin Huseynov, Georgia-

Nahid Gurbanov, Georgia-

Ulker Farmangizi, Turkey-

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