Azerbaijan, Serbia develop action plan on tourism

  14 June 2021    Read: 200
 Azerbaijan, Serbia develop action plan on tourism

Serbia and Azerbaijan have developed an action plan on the tourism sector, Serbian Ambassador to Baku Dragan Vladisavljević said in an interview with

The diplomat said tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vladisavljević pointed out a sharp decline in the number of new infections in Serbia.

“At President Aleksandar Vučić’s initiative, Serbia is now one of the countries that provide enough coronavirus vaccines to its nationals. Thanks to this, the number of new infections is significantly falling, and coronavirus-related restrictions in Serbia have been eased, which, in turn, led to a relatively favorable epidemiological situation in the country,” he said.  

The measures that I mentioned led to a gradual resumption of activities in tourism sector, which we expect to reach pre-pandemic level. Regarding the cooperation with Azerbaijan in this field, we will not wait for the normalization of the situation. Therefore, we have already prepared an action plan for specific measures and you will have a chance to get acquainted with it in the near future. "

The ambassador also added that Serbia promotes Azerbaijan as an attractive place for tourists on one hand and wants to see Azerbaijani tourists in Serbia on the other hand:

“We applied visa-free regime for Azerbaijani citizens and we expect the launch of direct flights. We will further strengthen tourism promotion. And as I said, I believe that we will see concrete results in the near future.“

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