Azerbaijan's Labor Ministry, DOST Centers to accept only COVID-19 vaccinated citizens

  07 August 2021    Read: 163

The reception offices of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population, the subordinate structures and DOST Centers [Sustainable and Operative Social Provision Agency's centers] will accept only citizens with certificate of immunity or a document on vaccination against coronavirus (COVID passport) from August 16, 2021, reports citing the ministry.

According to the ministry, the citizens' appeals through its electronic services (including an application-declaration for receiving targeted state social assistance) will be considered only after entering data of the COVID passport.

“Since the pandemic of the new type of coronavirus continues, each of us must protect ourselves and our families from this danger. The most important thing we need to do now is to get vaccinated,” the ministry’s statement said.

“The vaccination process to prevent the coronavirus pandemic and protect public health from COVID-19 successfully continues in Azerbaijan,” the statement further said. “By actively participating in this process, we must first of all protect ourselves and our families from the threat of infection and at the same time contribute to the measures taken by our state to combat the new type of coronavirus.”

“This rule, introduced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population in connection with the reception and consideration of citizens' appeals, is aimed at encouraging their more active participation in the vaccination process in order to protect the health of the population," said the statement.

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