Azerbaijan discloses amount of fines for absence of COVID-passports

  20 August 2021    Read: 433
 Azerbaijan discloses amount of fines for absence of COVID-passports

Individuals entering large shopping centers and educational institutions without COVID passports in Azerbaijan will be fined from 200 manat ($117.6) to 400 manat ($235.3), and officials - from 4,000 manat ($2,353) to 5,000 manat ($2,940), Elshad Hajiyev, spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said at a briefing of the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday, reports. 

Hajiyev noted that representatives of the Ministry of Education will be included in the monitoring groups to resume full-time education in educational institutions.

“Police officers will not stand in front of large shopping centers. It's just that the representatives of the shopping centers will check the COVID passports of the visitors. But these centers provide for unexpected police checks. And if an offense is revealed, then an administrative penalty will be applied against the owner of the facility, namely: individuals will be fined in the amount of 200 to 400 manat, officials - from 4,000 to 5,000 manat, a measure will be applied against legal entities in the form of arrest. The police officers who will carry out checks at the facilities, in educational institutions, will be in civilian clothes. Therefore, if persons over 18 years old do not have a COVID passport, then they will not be responsible, but the head and staff of the facility who check for the presence of a COVID passport,” he added. 

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