Kazakhstan to resume air traffic with Azerbaijan

  21 September 2021    Read: 194
Kazakhstan to resume air traffic with Azerbaijan

Kazakhstan will resume air traffic with Azerbaijan, AzVision.az reports citing the country's government.

During the meeting of the government of Kazakhstan, an appropriate decision was made to resume and increase air traffic with 16 countries.

This list includes Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, the UAE, Uzbekistan, Germany, Maldives, the Republic of Korea, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, China, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

The government also decided to renew the visa-free regime for entry into Kazakhstan with 30 foreign countries with a favourable epidemiological situation and a high level of vaccination of the population against coronavirus (COVID-19).

This list includes Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Poland, Denmark, Chile, Hungary, Korea, Czech Republic, Bahrain, Qatar, Monaco, Cyprus, Iceland, Finland, Malta, Sweden, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Canada, Singapore, Belgium.

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