Azerbaijan establishes state control information system

  21 September 2021    Read: 250
Azerbaijan establishes state control information system

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed on January 30 a Decree No. 1275 "On the creation of an Information system of State control" in order to electronically monitor the state of implementation of decrees, orders and instructions of the Head of State and evaluate the activities of local executive authorities on the basis of key performance indicators, reports.

According to the decree, an electronic system has been created in the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan, which will ensure the strengthening of control over the timely realization of decrees and orders signed by the Head of State in all directions, as well as other instructions.

It will be possible to organize electronic control over the execution of all orders, simplify reporting, identify problems on orders whose execution is delayed, take appropriate measures to eliminate them and, as a result, conduct a thorough assessment of the work performed.

Currently, all central and local executive authorities, state-owned companies, public persons of legal right are connected to the information system of state control. Previously, trainings were conducted on the use of the system. The control over the implementation is carried out online already.

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