Azerbaijan to start new e-prescription system amid COVID-19

  07 October 2021    Read: 299
Azerbaijan to start new e-prescription system amid COVID-19

Azerbaijan plans to introduce a new electronic prescription system amid coronavirus pandemic CODID-19, reports citing the event held by the Azerbaijani Parliament’s health committee on the coronavirus-related current situation, vaccination, and measures taken in the country.

Azerbaijan is considering the criteria for treatment, hospitalization of patients with coronavirus.

The relevance of the issue of drug registration, the need to improve coordination and communication in the fight against coronavirus infection, as well as the importance of scaling up work to prevent the spread of disinformation and public education measures, was emphasized at the event, which was held in the format of an exchange of views.

Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Gasimov, Deputy Chairman of the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance Nigar Bayramova, Acting Chairman of the Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) Vugar Gurbanov, Head of the TABIB Disease Prevention and Control Department Yagut Garayeva, Chief Infectiologist of the Ministry of Health Tayyar Eyvazov provided information on the current situation in the country in connection with the coronavirus, vaccination against this virus and other measures taken, answered the questions of the MPs.

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