Azerbaijan sees drops in rivers levels

  19 August 2015    Read: 771
Azerbaijan sees drops in rivers levels
The National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ecology and the Natural Resources Ministry has conducted studies on water levels of the country`s rivers.
The research showed that the water content of rivers in the country are at their lowest in five years.

Rivers such as Ganjachay, Kurekchay, Zaemchay, Goshgarchay, Shamkirchay and Esrikchay in the Ganja-Gazakh regions, Balakanchay, Talachay, Katekhchay, Kurmukchay, Kishshay, Shinchay and Eyrichay in the Sheki-Zagatala regions, as well as Gudyalchay, Belvelechay, Garachay, Gusarchay, Chagachuchay and Guruchay in the Guba-Gusar region experienced water decrease this summer.

Telman Zeynalov, the chairman of the Environmental Council under Azerbaijan`s Ecology Ministry told that, a decrease in forests are among the reason for the river drop.

Since forests help make clouds and rain, reduction in vegetation leads to a decrease in precipitation and subsequently to drops in the rivers.

Zeynalov added that the lower water levels in the rivers might negatively affect crop yields in the country.

Experts say that a heat wave has swept through Azerbaijan this summer also affected the process. The abnormal temperatures that stood above 40 degrees C on some days accelerated the evaporation in the country`s rivers.

Earlier, the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry said that over the last 7 years, the Caspian Sea level also dropped by 0.56 meters, the average annual level of the sea in 2014 was 27.43 meters less than average on the Baltic system.

A lack of rain has also had an effect, leading to a decrease in river level.

Some riverbeds in Azerbaijan have dried up due to prolonged lack of precipitation, said Asif Verdiyev, the chief hydrologist of National Hydrometeorology Department of country`s Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry, earlier in July.

He said a prolonged lack of rain has led to drying of rivers flowing along the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus in Sheki, Oguz, Gabala, Ismayilli and Agsu regions.

Discussing how the reduction of the water level in the rivers is a natural phenomenon, the hydrologist noted that the process was observed in Azerbaijan in 1996, 2000, 2005, and 2010.

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