Azerbaijani ombudsman urges int'l organizations to take urgent measures on Armenia's war crimes

  03 October 2022    Read: 334
Azerbaijani ombudsman urges int

Armenian Armed Forces, grossly violating the requirements of international law, including the Geneva Convention of 1949 relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war, committed war crimes against Azerbaijani citizens, servicemen, in particular, injured and dead, accompanied by torture and inhuman actions and continue to commit such crimes, reports. 

Azerbaijani Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva made a statement in connection with this. She said that video footage circulating on social media in recent days once again proves the inhumanity of acts committed by Armenian servicemen against the dead Azerbaijani servicemen.

There are a significant number of videos confirming the numerous facts of brutal murders of Azerbaijani prisoners of war by Armenian soldiers with shots at close range in the head and heart area, robberies, dismemberment into parts of the bodies of military personnel, torture and insults by committing inhuman acts during the First and Second Karabakh Wars.

"Facts related to this footage that shows war crimes committed against Azerbaijani servicemen during the Second Karabakh War were collected and brought to the attention of international organizations in the form of appeals, statements and reports, and this process continues on a regular basis," Aliyeva said

She noted that by pursuing this policy based on racial, ethnic and religious hatred, along with the presentation of unfounded territorial claims against Azerbaijan, Armenia, instead of suppressing war crimes against the country and bringing the perpetrators to justice for previously committed crimes, prevents the security and peace process in the region, committing provocations.

"Once again bringing these facts to the attention of the UN, the EU, European Council and their structures, and other competent international and regional organizations, Azerbaijan calls for urgent legal measures to be taken to account for those who have committed these crimes against peace and humanity,” Aliyeva stated.

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