Azerbaijan's border guards prevent drug smuggling from Iran

  04 February 2023    Read: 383

The smuggling of 18.6 kilograms of drugs from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan was prevented in the 'Horadiz' and 'Goytapa' border detachment areas of the Azerbaijani State Border Service's border troops, reports. 

As a result of the operational measures, conducted in the detachment area of border guards, near the Yardimli district's Deman village, at 11:45 (GMT+4) on February 2, drugs with a total weight of 3.3 kilograms (3.2 kg of marijuana and 100 grams of opium) were found in a bundle.

Following operations carried out in the border detachment area, near the Gazakhlar village of Fuzuli district, two bundles of marijuana with a total weight of 15.3 kg were seized at 03:50 (GMT+4) on February 3, 2023.

The corresponding operational and investigative measures are being taken.

According to the State Border Service, at 16:25 (GMT+4) on January 21, Azerbaijani border guards suppressed drug trafficking from Iran in the 'Goytapa' border detachment area, near the Malikgasimli village of Jalilabad district of Azerbaijan. Drugs with a total weight of 5.3 kilograms (marijuana and 250 psychotropic methadone M-40 tablets) were found in a bundle hidden in bushes on the borderline.

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