Death toll from floods in Türkiye's quake zone climbs to 13 - UPDATED 

  15 March 2023    Read: 678
Death toll from floods in Türkiye

At least 13 people lost their lives, and five went missing after floods caused by torrential rains wreaked havoc in Türkiye’s two southeastern provinces, already devastated by last month’s earthquakes, officials said Wednesday, reports citing Daily Sabah. 

Two citizens were killed in the town of Tut in southeastern Adıyaman province, where surging waters swept away a container home where a group of earthquake survivors were living, Governor Numan Hatipoğlu said. The floods in neighboring Şanlıurfa province killed four others, Governor Salih Ayhan told private broadcaster HaberTürk.

Later during the day, the number of people who lost their lives in Şanlıurfa has risen to 11.

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, examining the areas devastated by the floods in Adıyaman, said, “Four citizens were caught in the flood waters; one of them is a 1.5-year-old child. Unfortunately, one person passed away.”



Earlier in the morning, Tokat’s Governor, Numan Hatipoğlu, confirmed that one person had died. Four others were reported missing due to a flooded garden container in the Tut district of Adıyaman, which received heavy rainfall. The flood water also caused traffic disruption on central Atatürk Boulevard and other streets and avenues.

Heavy rain also flooded the intensive care unit at Şanlıurfa Eyyübiye Training and Research Hospital while patients are said to have been transferred to another hospital. In addition, at least six people have been reported stuck due to floods near the Abide Köprülü Junction in Şanlıurfa. Two persons, said to be firefighters, were pulled out of the water under the junction and transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Schools in Şanlıurfa were canceled on Wednesday due to the rain, which is expected to continue throughout the city. The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD), police, gendarmerie, and municipality teams continue to evacuate areas with a risk of flooding.


Mudflows in southeastern Türkiye have claimed five lives, Governor of Sanliurfa province Salih Aykhan told NTV channel, reports citing Turkish media. 

He said nine more people are missing.

Heavy rains have brought mud flows to the city. Authorities are asking people to leave the flooded areas and not stay in houses and other buildings. Earlier in Sanliurfa, the intensive care wards of the children's department of the hospital were flooded. Flooding is also recorded in areas where tent and container camps are located, deployed after earthquakes in many areas in the southeast of the country. Classes have been canceled in schools, some civil servants have been given a paid day off.

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