Paris police 'very vigilant' ahead of new round of pension protests

  28 March 2023    Read: 516
Paris police

French police are on the lookout for more protesters bent on violence joining marches against planned pension reform, the chief of police in Paris said on Tuesday, hours before a new round of country-wide demonstrations and strikes.

Millions of people have been demonstrating, largely peacefully, and joining strike action since mid-January to vent their opposition to President Emmanuel Macron's plans to make most of them work an extra two years to 64.

But public frustration has evolved into broader anti-Macron sentiment.

The protests have intensified since the government used special constitutional powers to bypass parliament on a final vote on the pensions bill almost two weeks ago, bringing scenes of chaos reminiscent of unrest by supporters of the yellow-vest movement during Macron's first term as president.

Laurent Nunez, president of Paris's Prefecture de Police, told France Inter radio that security agencies believed more people intent on violence could join the protests and police had to be ready.

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