Europe hits resistance in race to finalise green laws

  25 May 2023    Read: 564
Europe hits resistance in race to finalise green laws

Increased political resistance to new EU laws to protect the environment has left the European Commission fighting to keep intact its vision for Europe's green transition.

Ahead of elections in the European Parliament in June next year, the European Union is racing to finish legislation that includes two landmark nature bills - binding targets for countries to restore damaged natural habitats and a goal to halve chemical pesticide use by 2030.

Much EU environment legislation has been passed over the last two years, but the appetite on the part of some lawmakers and member states for more is waning and farming groups say further change must be conditional on more financial support.

Brussels proposed the nature measures last June. Opposition has mounted in recent weeks, as EU countries and lawmakers prepare for the final negotiations. The European Parliament's biggest group, the European People's Party, has called for the nature law to be scrapped saying it would hurt farmers.

"It's just too much. People are frustrated with new rules every year," EPP lawmaker Peter Liese said.


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