Volkan Bozkir: Armenia should come back to reality 

  07 June 2023    Read: 478
  Volkan Bozkir: Armenia should come back to reality 

Armenia should accept the truth and come back to reality, 75th President of the UN General Assembly, former Turkish Minister for EU Affairs, Member of the Turkish Parliament Volkan Bozkir said at an international event on “Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Integration: Energy, Economy, Environment and Equity”. 

"There are a number of aspects and issues related to the revival and development of Karabakh, and Azerbaijan is working very fast in this direction. There is also another issue - the peace process between Azerbaijan and Armenia. The reality is that Armenia has occupied the lands of Azerbaijan. Then Azerbaijan has liberated its lands, but Armenia cannot accept this fact," Bozkir said.

“Azerbaijan has become one of the strongest states in the world, it holds an important place in the world in terms of ensuring energy security. Türkiye has always been and will always be close to Azerbaijan," he added. 

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