The reason for the two wars: What is the difference between Armenians of Karabakh and Armenians of the world?

  12 September 2023    Read: 1790
  The reason for the two wars: What is the difference between Armenians of Karabakh and Armenians of the world?

There was one factor that differentiated the Armenians in Azerbaijan from the Armenians in other countries: they had a political status. It started with cultural autonomy. Finally, they gained the status of an autonomous province. They wanted to be "independent" after living in this status for a long time.

It is not important whether this dream is recognised by Karabakh Armenians themselves or comes from outside. The fact is that the Karabakh Armenians were the only community with a status among the Armenians of the world. As a result of this power, two wars were fought in the region, and serious preparations were underway for the third one.

The reason for the preparation for the third potential war is the support of the Armenian secessionist efforts by the Europeans, especially the EU structures. There are similar trends in the US. The author of the distinction status of Karabakh Armenians was Tsarist Russia. Tsarist Russia is the reason for the settlement of Armenians in Karabakh and the state called "Armenia" in the South Caucasus. Then the USSR, followed by the current Russia, continued this policy.

Today, ordinary Azerbaijanis are confused when they see that the Western world is fighting for the imperial policy of Tsarist Russia in Karabakh. The Armenians of Karabakh are not autochthonous, they did not come. In Russia, there are archival documents. Iran's archives have, if not as much as Russia's, in any case. Documents of this content can be found in the archives of Austria, France and Germany. Czarist Russia moved not only Armenians to Karabakh but also Greeks. Mehman village, where the Greeks once settled in the Karabakh territory, is proof of this.

Today the return of the Karabakh Azerbaijanis to their ancestral homeland is not supported in the West. Russia is in favour of the return of Karabakh Azerbaijanis, but it does not present it in the necessary form. Europeans ignore the Aghdam-Khankendi road and it is also related to this. If the Azerbaijanis of Karabakh do not return to their ancestral lands, there cannot be stability in the region. If Armenia and its supporters in the West recognize Azerbaijan's territorial integrity and state sovereignty, this recognition should continue until the end.

Mubariz Ahmadoglu
Director of Political Innovation and Technology Center
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