Massive explosion hits refinery in eastern Iran

  11 December 2023    Read: 564
Massive explosion hits refinery in eastern Iran

A massive explosion has rocked the hydrocarbon refinery in eastern Iran's Birjand special economic zone, with the fire now engulfing all 18 reservoirs in the refinery, reports citing IRNA. 

“The fire has spread to all 18 reservoirs of the Birjand economic special zone's refinery, and the intensity of the flames has increased,” Governor Ali Fazeli told IRNA on Sunday.

He further said that three of the reservoirs have already exploded, and the fire has reached all the remaining storage units.

Due to the constant threat of further explosions, rescue teams have temporarily withdrawn from the scene.

No casualties were reported.

In a telephone conversation with the governor of South Khorasan province, Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi inquired about the latest developments in the refinery.

Governor Javad Ghana’at briefed the minister on the ongoing crisis management efforts undertaken by emergency services and executive authorities.

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