Experience of Azerbaijan will help develop electoral legislation in CIS countries

  16 December 2013    Read: 210
 Experience of Azerbaijan will help develop electoral legislation in CIS countries
Secretary General: Experience holding presidential election in Azerbaijan will help develop electoral legislation in CIS countries
The experience in holding the presidential election in Azerbaijan will help the development of the electoral legislation in the CIS countries, Secretary General of the Council of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly Alexey Sergeev said at the international workshop "Development of the electoral legislation in the CIS countries: ways of improving and practice of using", which began in Baku today.
Sergeev said that Baku was not chosen as the venue of the workshop by chance.
"The CIS observers stressed the significant progress in developing electoral legislation and organizing the activity of the central and district election commissions in October 2013 while preparing and observing further holding of the presidential election in Azerbaijan," he said.
"During the workshop, the participants plan to get acquainted with the best practice of Azerbaijan in this sphere," he said.
"We hope that our Azerbaijani colleagues will share their experience during the presentation," he said. "Moreover, tomorrow we plan to visit the Azerbaijani Central Election Commission, see the available infrastructure and advanced technologies used here, as well as become acquainted with the work of the district electoral commissions using videoconferencing. This will allow making proposals for further improvement of the electoral base in the CIS area."
The CIS countries are at the stage of completion of the formation of the electoral legislation, according to the secretary general.
"Of course, we can not ignore the international experience of such organizations as the Council of Europe and OSCE. At the same time, it is important to take into account national specificities and other aspects in our region," the Secretary General of the IPA CIS said.
In his speech Sergeev read out the message of the Chairman of Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matvienko to the seminar participants.
The key task of the present stage of state building is to improve the current legislation in order to better reflect the interests of all actors in the electoral sphere of structures," according to Matvienko`s message.
The IPA CIS seminars, that have became traditional and are dedicated to the most topical issues of adoption of electoral legislation and practical application play an important role in establishing cooperation in this sphere. Discussion of basic principles and techniques of international election observation at the seminars plays an important role in the transformation of the international monitoring of elections into an effective instrument of interstate and inter-parliamentary cooperation, stimulating the strengthening of trust and the development of democracy, according to Matvienko`s message.

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