Lithuanian Internet portal posts article about Azerbaijan

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Lithuanian Internet portal posts article about Azerbaijan
On 2 January, Lithuanian Internet portal posted an article titled "What was 1993 special for to Azerbaijan".

According to the Azerbaijani Embassy in Lithuania, the material is based on the facts contained in encyclopedia "Crimes of Armenian terrorist and bandit formations against humanity" (XIX - XXI centuries), published by the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

The beginning of this article describes the 3 February 1993 attempt on journalist Tatyana Chaladze, who on her article reveals the true causes of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. It highlights the fact that Chaladze is one of the first foreign journalists to publicly raise the issue of crimes against humanity committed by Armenian terrorist organizations.

Then the article mentioned the memories of Tatiana Chaladze about the occupation of Azerbaijani Kalbajar region by Armenians in April 1993: "Armenians attacked Kalbajar region from two sides - from Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia. Thus, it can be argued that the Armenians flagrantly violated the internationally recognized state border of Azerbaijan. During the attacks civilians were at great risk, as Armenian troops systematically shelled all the helicopter landing sites.

Armenians managed to shoot down at least two helicopters with refugees. Then the peaceful Azerbaijani population was forced to flee from the Armenians, going through the snow-covered Murovdag ridge. The people did not have any choice other than to run through the snow. The Armenian soldiers tried to block the way of the refugees with two T- T72 tanks. The Armenians fired on the defenceless people fleeing from the tanks with guns and machine guns. Many Azerbaijanis just froze in the snow."

The article highlights the fact that in the midst of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, thw UN Security Council passed a resolution demanding an immediate cessation of hostilities, but the Armenian side ignored this document. Until today, Armenia has not fulfilled any of the four UN Security Council resolutions.

The article speaks of the terrorist attack committed in Baku on 2 June 1993 by some Chatkovsky, who later admitted that he worked for the Armenian secret services. He had blown up a passenger car at the Baku railway station.

"On 1 August of the same year in North Ossetia, leader of the Organizing Committee on Nagorno-Karabakh V.P.Polyanichko was killed. It was the second attack on a Russian officer who supported the position of Baku and not Yerevan (the first attack against the Russian military officer was committed on 9 May 1991 in Khankendi)," the article stated further.

The article also details the Armenian occupation of Agdam, Fizuli and Jabrail regions of Azerbaijan in June and August and the destruction of the ancestral cultural and historical monuments in the occupied Azerbaijani territories.

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