Georgian President visits ?cherisheher

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Georgian President visits ?cherisheher
President of Georgia Georgy Margvelashvili who is paying an official visit to Azerbaijan familiarized with Icherisheher on 13 February.
According to Azertag, first the distinguished guest was informed about the unusual architectural features of an ancient historical symbol of the capital , a unique piece of our national architecture, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List - the Maiden Tower. It was noted that the Maiden Tower, the foundation of which was laid in the VII-VI centuries BC, was restored in the XII century. The 28 meters high tower with a diameter of 16 - 16.5 meter consists of the main cylindrical tower and the adjacent big support structure from the southern part.

To preserve this monument of world importance and transfer it to future generations in its present form in 2009-2013 on the order of President Ilham Aliyev conservation works were held and a new museum exhibition was created in the Maiden towers. Works on conservation were held by local and foreign experts under the guidance of renowned Austrian expert restorer Erich Pummer , who restored more than 400 monuments in different parts of the world, including the Mosque of Muhammad in Icherisheher.

It was noted that the main objective of conservation measures implemented under this project was to eliminate the process of natural destruction and harm caused by anthropogenic factor for centuries without damage to the exterior. Modern technologies were widely used in the process of this project based on scientific studies.. As a result of the work the unique shape of the Maiden Tower was fully restored and this unique monument was reopened to visitors.

It was emphasized that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, which always shows care for the preservation and promotion of our national spiritual values ​​, artefacts, is very supportive of conservation measures, including comprehensive assistance in environmental issues .

The distinguished guest also got acquainted with the exposition organized in the territory of the nearby religious architectural complex of Syratagly .

Acquaintance with the Old City continued in Bukhara caravanserai - a monument of national importance, which testifies to the broader historical, economic and cultural ties of Azerbaijan.

During a walk on the electric vehicle, the President and members of the delegation were informed in detail about the State Historical- Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher", included in the UNESCO World Heritage List , repair work carried out here, improvement and restoration. It was noted that in the territory of the Old City are protected and unique historical and architectural monuments of different ages.

At the Minor forest street, Georgian President George Margvelashvili tasted the bread baked in tendir .

During the promenade the high guest familiarized with a masterpiece of medieval Oriental architecture, historical and architectural monument of world significance – the Shirvanshahs palace. It was noted that the historical monument erected at the beginning of the XV century, is located on the highest point of a hill of Icherishekher. It is visible from the Caspian Sea and adjacent to the city heights.

Great interest has also caused introduction of world architectural monuments - the Mosque of Muhammad.

President Georgi Margvelashvili signed the guest book of the State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher" .

A present was given to the high guest to memorize the visit to one of the ancient parts of the Azerbaijani capital city.

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