Tariff Council approves prices of 2,183 medicines

  21 October 2015    Read: 1203
Tariff Council approves prices of 2,183 medicines
Currently, the number of registered medicines in the country has reached 4,600, head of inspections for quality control at the Center for Analytic Examination of the Health Ministry, Parviz Azizbeyov told.
He said that the Tariff Council has already approved the prices of 2,183 medicines.

“The approved prices of 1,104 medicines have come into force, while those of the rest 1,079 medicines will come into force by December 1 this year. It is gratifying that the import of the medicines that are 300 to 500% more expensive than their real prices have been suspended and those medicines have been removed from the pharmaceutical market”, he added.

Azizbeyov mentioned that the medicines will be sold at approved prices in the whole country after the prices of those medicines are approved by the Tariff Council stage-by-stage.

According to the amendments made to the law dated December 16, 2014 on medicines, the prices of the registered medicines are regulated by the state. The rules for the regulation and supervision of the prices of the medicines are approved by relevant executive authority.

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