"2016 is the year of deep economic reforms" - Azerbaijani President

  30 April 2016    Read: 2553
"2016 is the year of deep economic reforms" - Azerbaijani President
"Strong economic opportunities are needed in order to solve social issues. Azerbaijan takes the lead in this direction. We are at the forefront in terms of economic growth on a global scale," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the meeting with the staff of Agsu district central hospital and representatives of the district.

The Head of State pointed out that 2016 is a year of deep economic reforms: "Reforms are deepened and the business environment is improved. More than 30 thousand new jobs have been opened since the beginning of the year. There is a struggle against unemployment and new enterprises, industrial sites and factories are opened, including in Aghsu region. In the future, the growth of industrial capacity, the development of agriculture, of course, will create a new situation. Very serious steps have been taken in connection with the entrepreneurship. There is a very serious work aimed at improving the business environment, private sector development, increasing export potential and reduce dependence on imports. "

"Now because of fall in oil prices, our foreign exchange earnings reduced, and it is natural. If oil prices fell by 4 times, or, now it is 3 times as it has risen slightly - it means that revenues are reduced by 3-4 times. We need to compensate this income with export-oriented products. Among them, cotton is the most favorable product as it is sold on world markets. Therefore, cotton-growing should develop. We need to stand up and grow to the level of the Soviet period ", stressed President Ilham Aliyev.

"Agriculture, manufacturing, creation of industrial enterprises, the expansion of tourism opportunities - all these issues are approached comprehensively. Therefore, in terms of dropped oil prices, Azerbaijan demonstrates, perhaps, better results than all the rest countries, rich in oil. There is a process of diversifying the economy and developing the non-oil sector. Today, the main task is to increase the domestic production, the development of agriculture. We need to include new agriculture fields in turnover. We need to organize irrigation in a higher level. We need to revive, restore traditional fields of agriculture. Thus, the welfare of the people will increase even more, and our country will reduce further the dependence on oil," concluded the Head of State.

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