Azerbaijan increases water supply tariffs

  13 May 2016    Read: 667
Azerbaijan increases water supply tariffs
Azerbaijan Tariff (Price) Council has today held its next meeting. Water supply and sewerage tariffs, prices of services of medicine expertise have been discussed at the meeting.
After the discussions were reconsidered taking into account prime cost of 1 cubic meter of water to be law pursuant to the appeal of “Azersu” JSC. The Council reviewed the tariffs taking into account the VAT, the cost of one cubic meter of water for the population of Baku, Sumgayit, Khirdalan cities, as well as for the population of Absheron district was defined at AZN 0.35 (previous price - AZN 0.30), and for other regions - AZN 0.30 (AZN 25). For producer groups across the country, this tariff is equal to AZN 1. The tariffs for manufacturers using water as a raw material remained unchanged at AZN 8 a cubic meter (AZN 12). Fees for services of dirty water run-off were determined at AZN 0.15 a cubic meter (AZN 0.06) for the population and AZN 1 for other users (AZN 0.30).

Pursuant to the appeal of Ministry of Health, the Tariff (price) Council also reviewed the tariffs on improvement of classification on medicine expertise service, expertise of medicines related to state registration in order to optimize the variety on dose and packing and laboratorial expertise services of exported and country-produced medicines.

Moreover, the Council’s decision on wholesale tariff of per 1,000 cubic meters on Ceyranbatan Reservoir has been abolished.

The new tariffs will take effect from May 16, 2016.

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