`Revolutions, wars in Middle East pose serious challenges to Azerbaijan`

  28 July 2016    Read: 2412
`Revolutions, wars in Middle East pose serious challenges to Azerbaijan`
Revolutions and wars in North Africa and the Middle East, terrific international terrorism, a large flow of migrants to Europe, humanitarian disasters and massive human tragedies deeply changed the world and probably forever.

It`s not difficult to guess that these global problems pose serious challenges for all states, including Azerbaijan, Ali Ahmadov, Azerbaijan`s Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), said in an interview with Azerbaijan newspaper.

According to him, Azerbaijan, which is part of the international community and integrated into the world economy, is not insured against the influence of these processes.

“It should be noted that Azerbaijan is geographically located close to the regions in which the events violating world order and causing serious unrests are taking place,” said Ahmadov. “Thus, the internal and external causes made it necessary to carry out comprehensive reforms.”

Azerbaijan may face more serious challenges in case of any failure or delay in conducting these reforms, he added.

Deep economic reforms make the improvement of the political system inevitable, said Ahmadov, stressing that the establishment of economic management mechanism demands the improvement of the political system.

The YAP deputy chairman regarded President Ilham Aliyev`s initiative to hold a referendum on constitutional amendments as a step taken timely for bigger goals.

“The main intention is to provide modern economic and political mechanisms for the protection and realization of national and state interests. In a word, the proposal of constitutional amendments was aimed at improvement of political system and governance,” he added.

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