Japanese companies to build pharmaceutical plant in Azerbaijan

  07 September 2016    Read: 1425
Japanese companies to build pharmaceutical plant in Azerbaijan
Japanese companies are going to build a pharmaceutical plant in Azerbaijan, representatives of Japan`s "Nipro Pharma" and "JGC" pharmaceutical companies told “Tibb” (Medicine) newspaper of Azerbaijani Health Ministry.
Senior vice-president of "Nipro Pharma" Satoshi Kawamura said that before construction of the plant, a number of issued should be studied like the demand for various medicines, expediency of the production of medicines in Azerbaijan and others. “Our partner is one of the major distributors in Azerbaijan. We try to come to some conclusion by comparing medicines made by Nipro Pharma company to those of that company. It’s going to take us at least one year. We’re planning to devise a business plan after the research and begin to construction the plant,” he said.

According to Kavamura, initially Nipro Pharma pharmaceutical company is expected to manufacture up to 300 different medicines in Azerbaijan. “In case there is a need for more medications, Nipro Pharma has many partner companies in Japan that can manufacture their medicines here. They are even thinking about it,” he said.

Kavamura noted that the purpose is not just to have a presence in the Azerbaijani market. “We also think of exporting the medications to foreign countries. So the quality of medicines is a priority for us. If high-quality products are not manufactured, we cannot export them. In terms of production, we can say that it will cost cheaper in Azerbaijan. However, there are other factors here. For instance, raw materials, packaging products will be imported from abroad. Then we will start studies to import cheaper packaging products. If we achieve our goal in this way, we can ensure the access of medicines to markets at a cheaper cost”, he said.

During the visit, representatives of “Nipro Pharma” and “JGC” pharmaceutical companies have met with Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov, Deputy Minister of Economy Niyazi Safarov and Deputy Health Minister Elsever Aghayev.

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