“Asan İmza” presented at AICT 2016 conference in Baku

  13 October 2016    Read: 1340
“Asan İmza” presented at AICT 2016 conference in Baku
12-14 October of this year Baku hosts the 10th IEEE International Conference on application of information-communication technologies – AICT 2016, co-organized by Ministry of Communication and High Technologies, Ministry of Education, Caucasus University, Baku State University, Baku branch of Moscow State University, Baku Higher Oil School and other organizations.
AICT 2016 is expected to be one of the most significant international academic conferences in the field of ICT implementation, which draws together scientists, practitioners and students from around the world to exchange, reveal and promote latest advances and technologies in regard to application of ICT in education and research, business and administration, industry, governance, health care and etc. During three days of the conference researchers, practitioners and distinguished speakers will present their proposals of original research addressing business and technical issues, challenges, solutions and technologies building applications, turnkey solutions and ICT-based services. The main topics of the conference are big data management and application, cybersecurity issues, data mining and data engineering, communication, network, hardware etc. The event are attended by the representatives of public and private sectors of such countries as Azerbaijan, Italy, UK, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Spain and others. Over 80 delegates from 22 countries take part at the conference in general.

The founder of Azerbaijani company “B.EST Solutions”, Mrs. Jana Krimpe also joined the conference where she delivered a speech about the Azerbaijani technology of mobile strengthened e-signature “Asan İmza”. She mentioned the important role of the mobile ID technology in the process of formation and development of e- and m-government in the country. According to her, usage of “Asan İmza”, which is the securest e-identity technology in the world, prevents any cases of unauthorized access of personal data of mobile ID users in the electronic environment, since all data required for activating any service via mobile ID is known only to the mobile ID user. She also informed about her company’s activity towards popularization of the Azerbaijani mobile ID & strengthened e-signature service - “Asan İmza” globally by means of participation at influential conferences and exhibitions around the world under the innovative brand of “Made in Azerbaijan”. According to Krimpe, it is time for active export of Azerbaijani innovative solutions to neighboring countries and “Asan İmza” team has already started intense works in this direction. Thus, a project on introduction of mobile e-signature based on Azerbaijani “Asan İmza” in Ukraine has been lately completed and announced, which is expected to create new opportunities in terms of launching cross-border e-services between these two states.

The conference participants were informed about completed and ongoing projects of integration of “Asan İmza” service with the tax, customs, finance and education spheres.

It is worth to mention that at present the “Asan İmza” service successfully functions within the single e-government concept in Azerbaijan and is being more widely used in the electronic systems of private service providers such as banks, insurance companies, online payment portals and etc.

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