“Asan Imza” presented in Cannes

  01 December 2016    Read: 1365
“Asan Imza” presented in Cannes
Mobile ID and strengthened signature system “Asan Imza” was presented at “TRUSTECH 2016” conference held on November 29th - December 1st of the current year in Cannes, France.
The latest innovations and approaches in the electronic identity and e-government sphere, as well as data management, the future of e-payment, block chain technologies, trust based services, financial technologies (fintech) were the main discussion topics of the conference which took place at “Palais des Festivals de Cannes” complex and comprised over 250 speakers, and 18.000 participants from more than 130 countries.

The main aim of the conference is to familiarize the participants with trust-based technologies, present innovative solutions, carry out discussions, exchange with experiences and best practices in ICT sphere.

The strengthened mobile signature technology “Asan Imza” was also presented to the audience by Jana Krimpe, founder of B.EST Solutions Company, operator of Asan Imza service in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Mrs. Krimpe described the innovativeness of Mobile ID in establishment of e-government in Azerbaijan, and presented “Asan Imza” as an easy to use and secure technology. Today “Asan Imza” is used in over 500 e-services and the number of services with the implementation of mobile identity system is increasing on a daily basis. “Asan Imza” technology completely averts unauthorized usage of personal data, thus the information provided by the service is available to the unique user only. It was also noted that “Asan Imza” is regularly presented at various prestigious conferences and exhibitions under the brand of “Made in Azerbaijan”.

Currently, the work on export of “Asan Imza” solution is in progress and implementation of mobile e-signature service in Ukraine based on Azerbaijani “Asan Imza” technology has been already completed.

The successful cooperation between “B.EST Solutions” and ISESCO is on the stage of implementation of the first-ever cross-border digital signature and workflow platform.

The participants were informed of the broad opportunities of “Asan Imza” in numerous fields such as education, customs, taxes, finance etc. It was stated that the mobile signature system was integrated to the call centers of various government and private structures and submission of e-tax declarations, declaration of goods and transports in custom service, registration of notifications on labor contracts, online registration of students to the universities, as well as various internet and mobile bank systems operate via “Asan Imza”.

“Asan Imza” was also presented to the governmetal representatives from around the globe in the European practices session of the meeting organized by ”Secure Identity Alliance” under “TRUSTECH 2016” conference. .

“Secure Identity Alliance” is dedicated to supporting sustainable worldwide economic growth and prosperity through the development of trusted digital identities and the widespread adoption of secure e-services. Among the founders and members of this organization there are worldwide famous companies in the field of delivery of means of e-identity and technologies such as “Gemalto”, “Morpho” (Safran Group), “Oberthur Technologies”, “Emirates Identity Authority”, “German Federal Ministry of the Interior” (BMI), “The International Association Connecting Technology for Citizens” (Interact4c), “National Office for Identity Data Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) of the Netherlands and etc.

It is worth to note that attractive export potential makes the technology of “Asan Imza” popular at various international industry events, where the system is presented under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan”.

“B.EST Solutions” company participates at such events worldwide with an only aim to present the achievements of Azerbaijan in the field of advanced mobile identity and sign tool as well as its possible interaction with various public and private e-platforms.

Nowadays, “Asan Imza” mobile ID service successfully operates within the single e-government concept and widely used in electronic systems of private service providers such as banks, insurance companies, online payment portals etc.

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