French author visits Azerbaijan`s Parliament

  17 January 2017    Read: 1087
French author visits Azerbaijan`s Parliament
French author Gerard Cardon, who plans to write a book about Azerbaijani women, has today met Deputy Speaker of Azerbaijan`s Parliament, chairperson of the parliamentary committee on human rights Bahar Muradova.
Bahar Muradova hailed development of relations between France and Azerbaijan. She praised the writer’s visit to Azerbaijan with the aim of writing a book about Azerbaijani women.

She emphasized that modern Azerbaijani women attach great importance to family values, customs and traditions. “They do their utmost to preserve them and actively participate in social and political life in Azerbaijan.”

“Women are widely represented in the legislative bodies of the country. Working groups on interparliamentary relations with various countries function in the Parliament. Azerbaijan’s First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva heads the working group of the Parliament with France. Her services aimed at strengthening relations between the two countries in all areas are praiseworthy. Mehriban Aliyeva strongly supports projects implemented in humanitarian, social and cultural spheres both in the country, as well as at regional and global levels. Her activity is appreciated by international public,” said Bahar Muradova.

Gerard Cardon told about his plans to write a book about Azerbaijani women. He said that he had already realized a number of similar projects connected with women in several countries. The purpose of the project is to represent any country via portraits of women of this country.

He highlighted that roman he plans to write will consist of two parts. It will reflect women’s life, their role in family and society, protection of their rights and other issues.

Chairman of the committee on culture of the Parliament Rafael Huseynov, MPs Rovshan Rzayev, Musa Gasimli and Vusal Huseynov highlighted that Azerbaijan had always shown respectful attitude toward women. They told the French author about Azerbaijani women, who had great role in the social and political, scientific and cultural life of the country.

“Azerbaijan was the first country in the East to grant women the right to vote in the beginning of the last century. The gender balance is always preserved in laws adopted by the Azerbaijani Parliament,” they added.

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