`Azerbaijani president’s decree providing monthly allowance to IDPs -a right step`

  25 January 2017    Read: 860
`Azerbaijani president’s decree providing monthly allowance to IDPs -a right step`
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s decree providing monthly allowance to IDPs and those equated to is a right step, MP Vahid Ahmadov, who is a member of the parliamentary Committee on economic policy, industry and entrepreneurship, told on Wednesday.
Ahmadov noted that funds had formerly been allocated from the state budget to the State Committee for Work with Refugees and IDPs and payments had been made to SOCAR’s Azerigaz Production Association, Azerishıg OJSC, and Azersu OJSC to cover IDPs’ utility expenses.

“This time, however, the positive point is that it was targeted. It’s particularly known that every displaced person will receive a monthly allowance of 36 manats and they themselves will now decide how to spend these 36 manats—on electricity, gas, water, or bread. In the future, IDPs will regulate the use of electricity, gas and water," he said.

The MP said that the "Procedure for the payment of monthly allowances for internally displaced persons and persons equated to them instead of payments from the state budget for food costs as well as utility and other services” approved yesterday by the Cabinet of Ministers” excludes certain categories of people, which, according to the MP, is a positive approach.

“For example, there are people who have the status of IDP but are actually well-off. They have one or two houses, cars, and jobs but they still have the status of IDP, which enable them to benefit from certain privileges. It is logical not to provide monthly allowance to these people,” he said.

Ahmadov noted that executive authorities of occupied districts would bear more responsibility.

“They should submit the lists reflecting the reality, whether an IDP is living in bad conditions or not, whether he really needs monthly allowance or not. Serious work should be done in this regard,” the MP said, adding. “The State Committee for Work with Refugees and IDPs must conduct serious work with executive authorities of occupied districts. I know some people being in good financial situation, but using IDP status. These people have already gained broader opportunities, they should also take it into consideration themselves. 25 years are not a short period, new generation is brought up.”

The MP said monthly allowance should be given to the really needy IDPs. “Unlike in 1992, it is wrong to provide allowances to all IDPs,” he concluded.

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