Jews closely observe genocide across the globe

  03 February 2015    Read: 938
Jews closely observe genocide across the globe
The Jews are closely observing the genocide taking place in the world, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, David Harris told reporters during his visit to Baku Feb. 2.
He said that the recurrence of genocide in some countries is regrettable.

"After the Holocaust, the international community uses such an expression as “not to occur any more”,” he said. "But, unfortunately, genocide takes place. People, countries, religions with peaceful intentions must try for genocide not to occur.”

Harris said that today Azerbaijan and Israel have very good relations and these relations will develop.

"Azerbaijan has good relations with the Jewish communities existing in the world,” he said. “I believe that they will be further developed. The main issue is the situation in Azerbaijan and the broader propaganda of Azerbaijan’s advantages. Some members of the delegation knew little about Azerbaijan. After this visit, a more extensive propaganda of this information will be our main task."

A delegation of the American Jewish Committee, consisting of 12 people, is on a visit to Azerbaijan.

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