“Asan İmza” becomes one of most important components of High Security Printing Europe 2017 conference

  01 April 2017    Read: 837
“Asan İmza” becomes one of most important components of High Security Printing Europe 2017 conference
“Asan İmza” has become one of the most important components of the High Security Printing Europe 2017 conference which took place in Baku.
It is an annual event that focuses on government-specified and issued documents, including currency, fiduciary documents, excise stamps, ID cards, e-passports, visas, vehicle documents and licenses, with a particular emphasis on banknotes and the emerging technologies for ID and travel documents.

The speakers of the conference in Baku were internationally recognized experts, who presented the results of their technical and regional researches. Also during the event along with working sessions there was a trade show with more than 30 companies. The total number of visitors at HSP Europe 2017 in Baku was about 300 people from all around the globe.

The conference participants were greeted by Akshin Valiyev, an Executive Director of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan, followed by the reports of the guests and Azerbaijani representatives on currency and identification documents within the ЕМЕА region. The second day of the conference expanded the session topics that allowed the participants to get acquainted with issues of regulating and implementing the mobile identification means and various e-services.

Mrs. Yana Krimpe, a head of Azerbaijan company “B.EST Solutions”, being an operator of “Asan İmza” mobile digital signature service, reported on “Mobile-ID in Azerbaijan is your mobile passport in the new generation mGovernment”. The main subject of the report was “Asan İmza” technology, functioning on the basis of the open keys, its integration with Azexport.az portal, which was presented by the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication of the Azerbaijan Republic and follows the “Made in Azerbaijan” concept proclaimed in the country. Today the portal maintains the export of goods, produced in Azerbaijan, and works with such world electronic trading platforms as Alibaba.com, Wholesale and Allbiz. This portal is a vast opportunity for export increase, local SMB facilitation, as well as job creation. It was noted that, according to the decree of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, additional measures are taken to expand the foreign trade operations and enhance the Azexport.az portal as a Digital Trade Hub of Azerbaijan.

“Asan İmza” mobile-ID and e-signature service provides the access to the wide spectrum of Public and private sector services and is equated with the nationwide identity at the legislative level. Being mobile and easy-to-use, “Asan İmza” is becoming more and more popular among the citizens and businesses and is a key component of the mobile State. Besides, due to the mResidency programme for non-residents which recently started in Azerbaijan, the possibility of issuing “Asan İmza” will be available for everyone who is interested in commencing their business in Azerbaijan and ready to invest in the country or use all opportunities of local on-line service being abroad.

“At the moment “Asan İmza” is mainly used when providing the Public services, however, a lot of major banks in Azerbaijan have integrated “Asan İmza” technology in their internet and mobile banking systems, which provides their customers with secure environment for making on-line transactions. Some banks began to use “Asan İmza” in their internal electronic workflow systems. “Asan İmza” is irreplaceable as a universal and the most secure identification for accessing “Personal profile”, payment, insurance and other on-line systems. At the moment “B.EST Solutions” company and “Asan İmza” team are working hard to export the Azerbaijan technology to the neighboring countries” Mrs. Krimpe also emphasized “Besides, the State policy encourages recognition of “Asan İmza” abroad”.

Mrs. Krimpe’s report was met with interest by the guests and participants, taking into consideration that at the end of 2016 the contract on implementing the pilot phase of the ISESCO Bestdoc Portal was signed between “B.EST Solutions” and Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). The main subject of the contract was the parties’ collaboration on development and implementation of cross-border e-signature e-workflow platform for ISESCO. Also, “Asan İmza” based “Mobile ID” is planned to be implemented in several countries in 2017.

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