`Number of deliberate homicide acts increased in Azerbaijan last year`

  07 February 2015    Read: 826
`Number of deliberate homicide acts increased in Azerbaijan last year`
This was announced by Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov during a board meeting dedicated to the results of the past year at the Prosecutor General
During the reporting period, according to him, preventive measures against terrorism and other forms of extremism were in the spotlight. As a result of investigations into criminal cases of this type, all convicts were brought to justice. At the same time, reasons and conditions which brought about the committing of crimes were discovered, and preventive measures were taken.

Despite urgent investigative operations carried out in the fight against crimes against personality during the reporting period and the fresh uncovering of 205 acts of deliberate murder as well as 83 such crimes committed under unknown circumstances, growth in the number of deliberate murder acts and 12 such crimes still undiscovered were evaluated as a serious shortcoming in search operations. Related structures under the Prosecutor General’s Office and subordinate prosecutors were told to take necessary measures to disclose crimes of deliberate murder committed in 2014 and previous years, intensify mutual relations with interior affairs authorities by learning the actual situation of investigative and search operations on particular incidents, and determine all convicts by taking all opportunities available.

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