Flexible foreign policy has turned Azerbaijan into leader in South Caucasus

  20 April 2017    Read: 670
Flexible foreign policy has turned Azerbaijan into leader in South Caucasus

In various countries there is an already an international mechanism that protects the interests of Azerbaijan and its people, read an article by Novruz Mammadov, deputy head of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, chief of the administration’s foreign relations department, which was published in the state-owned newspaper ‘Azerbaijan’.

He noted that the development of this process is still among Azerbaijan’s foreign policy priorities.

“Our country takes an active part in the activities of almost all international organizations. As a result of this activity, a positive image of Azerbaijan was formed in the world, which can be considered one of the most significant achievements of the country’s foreign policy,” wrote Mammadov.

“As a result of Azerbaijan’s fulfillment of its key foreign policy tasks, the interests of the main geopolitical powers in the region and on the global area are balanced step by step. This gives a chance to ensure the interests of Azerbaijan, without falling under the pressure of any of these countries,” Mammadov said in his article.

Azerbaijan has managed to maintain the balance through its flexible responses even in the most crisis periods in the South Caucasus, said the top official, stressing that ‘flexible foreign policy has turned Azerbaijan into a leading country in the South Caucasus over the past period.’

“For just over 20 years, Azerbaijan has laid the foundation of two energy projects of international importance and become one of the guarantors of energy security on a regional and global scale. Azerbaijan is recognized as a state that offers a civilized model for long-term economic cooperation, multiculturalism, intercultural and interreligious dialogue,” Mammadov wrote.

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