Thousands of People in Belgium Suspected of Terror Links - Reports

  21 April 2017    Read: 658
Thousands of People in Belgium Suspected of Terror Links - Reports

Nearly 19,000 people are on Belgian authorities' terror suspects' list, local media reported Friday, citing Interior Ministry figures.

The number of people suspected of terrorist ties has reached 18,884, up tenfold compared to 2010, the RTL broadcaster said.

Over 2,200 of these are considered to be sufficiently radicalized to potentially carry out terrorist attacks, according to the broadcaster.

The news comes as a shooting occurred at the Avenue des Champs-Elysees in the French capital on April 20, leading to the death of one police officer. Two other police officers and a woman who was passing by were injured, according to Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins. The attacker was neutralized by police. According to media reports, French police pursue Belgian leads of a possible Paris shooting suspect.

Belgium has become one of Europe's most terror-prone countries over recent years amid a wave of terrorist attacks across the continent.

The country's security services have been investigating several cases related to terror attacks in Paris in 2015 and Brussels bombings in 2016, as well as foiled terror plots in the country. Belgian authorities have kept a high terror alert since March last year.

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