Stanford University commemorates Khojaly Genocide

  20 February 2015    Read: 1019
Stanford University commemorates Khojaly Genocide
The Stanford University has held a commemorative event on 23rd anniversary of Khojaly massacre with the initiation and support of Azerbaijan’s Consulate General in Los Angeles.

At the event organized by Azerbaijani students Jafar Jafarov and Jasmin Bashirova, the university staff and students, members of Azerbaijani community in California’s Northern cities were present. Speaking at the event, AzerTAc correspondent to the United States Yusif Babanly talked about Armenian extremism, subsequent ethnic conflict and political-military crisis in the region in the last years of Soviet era. This crisis was systematically used by Armenia against Azerbaijan turning into the violent and aggressive policy, Babanly said.

He also spoke of the invasion of Maliyabeyli, Gushchular villages of Azerbaijan on February 10-12, and Garadagli village on February 17 prior to Khojaly massacre and committing genocide against Azerbaijani people. Although Khojaly was of great importance for Armenian invaders their main objective was to create panic among Azerbaijani people.

Noting that he witnessed horrible events, Khojaly resident Anar Usubov said many innocent people were killed. He shared his sad memories about the massacre.

Based on photo facts of Anar Usubov, the event participants held discussions on the subject.

A documentary reflecting sufferings of the tragedy victims and heavy crimes in Khojaly massacre was demonstrated.

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