Armenia tries to block agreements on conflict settlement

  20 February 2015    Read: 811
Armenia tries to block agreements on conflict settlement
An agreement was reached on the search of prisoners of war and hostages at the meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia with the participation of French President Francois Hollande in October 2014.
This is due to the creation of a mechanism for cooperation between the International Committee of the Red Cross and relevant authorities of the two countries. Armenia does not fulfill its obligations while Azerbaijan tries to fulfill its obligations.

Sector chief of the Socio-Political Affairs Department of the Presidential Administration, Vugar Aliyev, made remarks at the presentation of the book “Scream in Hell” published on the basis of the materials of the project “Prisoners-of-war camp” launched by Information Agency.

V. Aliyev said the book titled “Scream in Hell” is important in terms of bringing to the world community the truths of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the atrocities committed by Armenians during the conflict.

“The publication of the book on the eve of the anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide is a remarkable event. The number of Azerbaijani prisoners of war and hostages taken during the conflict exceeds 4,000. It is said that 550 of them were tortured to death. A total of 1,400 prisoners of war and hostages were released. The fate of these people and tortures they faced are spoken in the book by themselves. Reading about the tragedy, we can see that they underwent the same tortures that people were subjected to at Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War. Unfortunately, people who tortured them were not brought to justice and are even represented in the leadership of Armenia. We witness the attitudes toward the conflicts that are similar to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The event in former Yugoslavia and currently occurred in Ukraine are example for it. Unfortunately, there is a double standard, despite four UN resolutions, decisions and resolutions of the European institutions, decisions of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” he underlined.

V. Aliyev said that conflicts such as Nagorno-Karabakh play a role of catalyst, and massacres will continue unless these conflicts are resolved.

“Some progress has been achieved thanks to the Azerbaijani diplomacy led by President Ilham Aliyev. But the main achievement is that today, the world community recognizes Armenia as an aggressor. Today, the Armenian lobby is unable to create information vacuum to hide the realities. Armenia is trying to block agreements on the settlement of the conflict,” he noted.

The PA official called the book “Scream in Hell” important in terms of informing the world community about Azerbaijan’s realities.

“This book should be translated into several languages. I hope the leading authorities of Azerbaijan will continue to work in this regard,” the PA official completed.

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