Armenian Armed Forces target civilians living in Garalar village of Tovuz

  08 August 2017    Read: 2176
Armenian Armed Forces target civilians living in Garalar village of Tovuz

On August 7, the Armenian armed forces shelled Garalar village in Tovuz region. As a result of shelling villager Yusifov Ramil Sabir, 13 received shrapnel wounds of both legs. He is in a stable condition now. After the first medical aid, he was taken to the Central Regional Hospital of Tovuz region.

The current situation in the village is relatively calm,the executive representative of the village Ramil Suleymanov told

"The Armenian Armed Forces opened fire at civilians on a regular basis. Garalar village of Tovuz was several times subjected to Armenian shelling and as a result of the Armenian provocation the roofs and walls of the houses were seriously damaged. Representatives of the District Executive Authority visited the village and determined the scope of the damage.The residents whose properties were damaged will get aid. Approximately 10 homes are situated near the Armenian positions. It is possible to see Armenians when you open the door. As a result, restoration works slow down. Armenians open fire when they see civilians. That’s why the residents cannot go outside. They directly target the civilians. However, no one has left his/her home. Conversely, their relatives, who live in Baku and other cities, visit the village because of summer holidays”, Suleymanov said.

“The relevant institutions take measures to provide protection for residents and their properties in order not to be target of Armenians. Azerbaijani Armed Forces make retaliatory strikes against the Armenian Armed Forces”, he added.

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