Lotfi Zadeh's will: "Bury me in Azerbaijan" - EXCLUSIVE

  09 August 2017    Read: 19641
Lotfi Zadeh's will: "Bury me in Azerbaijan" - EXCLUSIVE

We have got information from the mass media regarding the deterioration of Lotfi Zadeh's health condition.

Norman Zadeh, Lotfi Zadeh's son talked about his father's health condition in his exclusive statement to AzVision.

"My father is pretty ill. We are supposed to transport him to Azerbaijan when that horrible day comes.He specifically asked me to have him buried in Azerbaijan", Norman told.

Lotfi Zadeh was born in 1921 in Baku. He is a Professor in the Graduate School, Computer Science Division, Department of EECS, University of California, Berkeley.

You can read Norman Zadeh's interview to AzVision.az about their family.

Hafiz Ahmedov

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