Game of Thrones records best ever live ratings in spite of leak

  10 August 2017    Read: 761
Game of Thrones records best ever live ratings in spite of leak

As has been well publicised, HBO suffered a huge cyber attack last week, leading to multiple Game of Thrones scripts being uploaded, reports citing the Independent.

Days later, the fourth episode of their fantasy show leaked online from a separate source, thousands of pirates downloading the episode through illegal means.

However, while logic would have you presume viewing figures would be down this week, the opposite proved true as ‘The Spoils of War’ racked up record figures.

According to HBO, 10.17 million US viewers tuned into the episode, which aired on the network’s primary station at 9 pm.

The previous high for the show was the season seven premiere, which saw 10.1 million tune in, while season six averaged around 8 million.

Those figures do not include consolidated viewing across all platforms, including HBO’ streaming service. Last season, those figures averaged 25.7 million viewers.

The already infamous HBO hack — reminiscent of the devastating 2014 Sony hack — has seen personal information about Game of Thrones stars leak online.

Meanwhile, for those millions who have seen the fourth episode, we’ve rounded up nine of the biggest callbacks and references you may have missed.

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