Global Young Leaders Forum underway in Baku

  22 August 2017    Read: 995
Global Young Leaders Forum underway in Baku
The Global Young Leaders Forum that kicked off in Baku on Aug. 21 is underway.

Addressing the panel discussion titled “Do the women and men lead differently? Do cultures lead differently? What can we integrate and learn?” Ukraine’s former first lady Kateryna Yushchenko said that the issue of women is one of the most urgent issues of the world.
She said that women leaders are endowed with masculine qualities. “Women are treated differently throughout the world. And this comes from the cultures. If the globalization, on one hand, causes people to understand each other, on the other hand, it leads to gender balance”, Yushchenko added.

Former Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev spoke about the role of women in his team during his presidency. He said that giving women more responsibility leads to women's leadership: “Men start working hard at first, and then they become less enthusiastic. However, women are always responsible.”

Former Libyan ambassador to EU Farida Allaghi said in his speech that in some societies, schoolchildren are taught in schools and family that they are men and leaders.

“Everything starts from childhood. The same attitude should be demonstrated in relation to women. Women should be confident in them and believe in themselves. Even in Europe and the UN, there is discrimination against women. When making key decisions and negotiating about the se

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