Armenian-occupied 5 regions should be liberated - Alexander Dugin

  14 September 2017    Read: 3373
Armenian-occupied 5 regions should be liberated - Alexander Dugin
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict hinders geopolitical axis between Moscow and Baku. However, Russia is involved as a mediator in this conflict. Current status-quo satisfies neither us, nor conflict sides, Alexander Dugin, Russian philosopher told reporters prior the conference titled “Moscow-Baku axis”.
Nagorno Karabakh is under control of Armenia, but Russia as well as the world community recognize Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. There is no military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. However, it is high time to go forward, he said.

Dugin confesses that Azerbaijan is getting powerful and can modify power balance in the region.

“Yes, Armenia is Russia’s friend and partner, but Russia considers Azerbaijan as a close partner and friend, too. Convergence process of two countries in military field continues successfully. However this partnership is not against Armenia. It cannot be considered like this. Undoubtedly, Armenia have to liberate five occupied regions of Azerbaijan. I want to reiterate that we should go forward”.

At the initiative of the Centre for Geopolitical Studies (headed by the well-known Russian philosopher, Alexander Dugin) and the Izborsk Club (the conservative flank of the supporters of President Vladimir Putin headed by writer Alexander Prokhanov), today, on September 14, Moscow host a conference 'The Moscow-Baku Axis: Towards a New Caucasus Geopolitics.' The conference is underway at the President Hotel in Moscow.

The purpose of the conference is to analyse the current state and prospects of Russian-Azerbaijani relations. Special attention will be paid to the cooperation of Russia and Azerbaijan in strengthening security in the Caucasus.

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