APFP chairman’s assistant released from prison

  15 September 2017    Read: 1385
APFP chairman’s assistant released from prison
The Baku Court of Appeal considered Friday an appeal filed against the verdict on Faiq Amirli, assistant to the chairman of the oppositional Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) and director of Azadliq newspaper.
Article 70 of the Criminal Code was applied to him at the trial. He was sentenced to 2 years on probation and released in the courtroom, APA reported.

Earlier, the Sabail district court had announced the verdict, sentencing Amirli to three years and three months in prison and levying on him a fine of 39,000 manats.

Amirli was detained on August 20, 2016. He is charged under articles 283.1 (actions aimed at incitement of national, racial, social or religious hatred, humiliation of national dignity, as well as actions aimed at restricting the rights of citizens on the basis of their national, racial or religious affiliation – actions committed publicly or with the use of mass media) and 168.1 (creation of group which are carrying out activity under pretext of distribution of religious faiths and implementation of religious activities and by this illegally interfere in social order, or harming health of citizens or breaking rights of citizens irrespective form infringement, and also distracting citizens from performance of duties provided by the law and as well as a management of such group or participation in it). Books by Fetullah Gulen, leader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), were found in his car.

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