Azerbaijani MP accuses Yerevan of manipulating fate of Syrian Armenians

  03 October 2017    Read: 687
Azerbaijani MP accuses Yerevan of manipulating fate of Syrian Armenians
The autumn session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly under the theme “Security in the OSCE Area: New Challenges, New Tasks” kicked off in Andorra on Oct. 3.

The OSCE PA autumn session began with the Mediterranean Forum where issues of support for cooperation and security in the sea basin were discussed.

Addressing the forum, the head of Armenia’s delegation to the OSCE PA stated that over 100,000 become refugees in the wake of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The delegation head emphasized that Armenia accepted more than 20,000 Armenian refugees from Syria, asking the OSCE PA for support to his country.

The deputy head of the Azerbaijani delegation to the OSCE PA, Tahir Mirkishili, said that said that while the most serious problems in the OSCE region are refugees and conflicts, the countries should be responsive and sincere in addressing these problems.

“If the Armenian government had been responsible 30 years ago and not invaded Azerbaijani territory, we would not be talking about the more than a million refugees in Azerbaijan and 100,000 refugees in Armenia,” Mirkishili said.

He also accused Yerevan of manipulating the fate of Syrian Armenians. “The manipulation of the fate of Syrian Armenians is inadmissible,” Mirkishili stressed.

“The head of Armenia’s delegation talked about 20,000 refugees transferred to Armenia from Syria. But he did not specify why those refugees coming from Syria have been placed in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories by the Armenian leadership. It wrong of you to manipulate their fate,” he added.

Mirkishili noted that it is important to eliminate the consequences of a problem before making an effort to resolve it.

“If we want problems resolved, countries must stop occupying each other’s territory and respect each other’s territorial integrity,” he said.

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