Catalan Parliament may start secession from Spain on October 9 - Reports

  04 October 2017    Read: 849
Catalan Parliament may start secession from Spain on October 9 - Reports
As Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont said that the region will declare independence within several days, local media have reported citing officials that the process of the secession from Sapin may be triggered on October 9.
Lluis Corominas, the head of the Together for Yes faction in the Catalan parliament, reportedly said the secession process may be launched at a parliament session on October 9.

According to the El Mundo newspaper, the decision was made jointly with the Popular Unity Candidacy party. The "outcomes of the referendum will be discussed," Corominas said as quoted by the newspaper.

Monday's parliamentary session would be aimed at "implementing the law on the referendum" adopted by the parliament on September 7 and subsequently suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court after Madrid's court action against the Catalan legislation.

The development comes as Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont Casamajo said that the regional authorities would proclaim independence from Spain in the coming days.

The Catalan authorities held a referendum on the autonomous region's independence from Spain on Sunday, despite resolute opposition from Madrid. According to the vote results announced by the authorities, over 90 percent of the voters supported Catalonia's secession.

The referendum has been overshadowed by violent clashes between the independence supporters and the Spanish police who had tried to disrupt the vote. On Monday, the Catalan Health Department said in a statement that 893 people required medical help after the clashes.

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