Some circles use dirty anti-Azerbaijani campaign for their own interests

  13 October 2017    Read: 528
Some circles use dirty anti-Azerbaijani campaign for their own interests
The documents adopted on Azerbaijan in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are biased and incorrectly reflect the processes going on in the country, Bakhtiyar Aliyev, member of the Azerbaijani parliament, told Trend.
According to him, human rights are fully protected in Azerbaijan, democratic institutions function normally in the country, and Azerbaijan itself can become an example for Europe.

Unfortunately, some circles are conducting a dirty campaign against Azerbaijan in order to ensure their interests, as well as to force Azerbaijan to accept their terms through other circles in a number of international organizations, said Aliyev.

“However, they should know that Azerbaijan will continue its independent policy. Azerbaijan cooperates with all countries on the basis of mutual respect,” noted the MP adding that the country will not change its policy under the influence of dictates, conditions put forward, and biased pressure.

He went on to say that expectations of the Azerbaijani public from the Council of Europe did not justify themselves, and the organization did not render any support to fair settlement of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“Today, Armenia continues the occupation of Azerbaijani territories, it committed genocide against Azerbaijanis, but, unfortunately, the Council of Europe does not react to it and does not pay attention to it,” added Aliyev.

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