US Ex-State Secretary: Trump Is 'Creating an International Crisis'

  14 October 2017    Read: 602
US Ex-State Secretary: Trump Is 'Creating an International Crisis'
The Ex-Secretary of State John Kerry, who had helped to negotiate the historic pact on Iran, sees global peril in Donald Trump's decision to recertify the nuclear deal.
The US former Secretary of State John Kerry slammed President Donald Trump on Friday for behaving irresponsibly and warned that reneging on the nuclear deal with Iran risked a global crisis.

"President Trump’s decision today is dangerous. He’s creating an international crisis," Kerry said in a statement, urging the other signatory nations to "prove to the world what responsible behavior is."

​In an anticipated decision, Trump announced Friday he would not certify that Iran had lived up to its end of the 2015 agreement, which saw it scale down nuclear projects in exchange for easing sanctions.

Kerry, who helped broker the historic pact alongside the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Russia, said the ball was now in Congress’ court.
"Congress now gets an opportunity to be the adult in the room and act in America’s genuine national security interest. The country and the world really are watching," he stressed.

The Republican-dominated parliament has 60 days to decide whether to reinstate sanctions on Iran, potentially undermining the agreement. President Trump has threatened to terminate the pact if Congress and allies are unable to amend it.

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