'Azerbaijan may ask international investigation into arms supply to Armenia'

  16 October 2017    Read: 657
'Azerbaijan may ask international investigation into arms supply to Armenia'
Russia’s weapon delivery to Armenia, if it’s the reality, is a breach of trust, said Nathalie Goulet, French senator and vice-chair of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee.
She made the remark on news that the Armenian side has approved the deal with Russia on weapons supply to Armenia through a $200 million deal. The Armenian government approved the first $ 100 million loan package, which will be extended to Armenia for 20 years.

“It is also breach of the Russian position as the OSCE Minsk co-chair,” she told Trend. “It’s a real embarrassment to think of this kind of misbalance practice.”

The French senator further stressed that the region needs peace and security.

“We don’t need a new front in South Caucasus. We need to build the trust. We don’t need foreign interferences. It’s really not the right time,” she added.

Goulet, voicing hope that it’s a fake news, noted that Azerbaijan may ask international investigation in UN and OSCE.

For about three decades, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict remains to be a source of danger for the whole region with the potential of escalation to turn to a new war.

Although, Baku is loyal to the Karabakh peace process, Yerevan refuses to fulfill the UN four resolutions on immediate withdrawal from the internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan and continuously resorts to provocations.

No progress has been achieved so far during the negotiations held with the mediation of the OSCE Minsk Group.

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