Azerbaijan integrating into European electricity market

  19 October 2017    Read: 678
Azerbaijan integrating into European electricity market
The creation of Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey energy bridge in the future will allow Azerbaijan to integrate into European electricity market, Etibar Pirverdiyev, head of electricity producer Azerenerji JSC, wrote in his article published by the “Azerbaijan” newspaper Oct. 19.
According to him, currently, one of the topical issues is to ensure Azerbaijan’s active participation on regional electricity markets, as well as in the North-South and East-West energy corridors.

“For this purpose, a number of necessary technical and organizational measures are taken to unite the electric grids of Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in a single synchronous zone. High voltage lines are created, through which the exchange and transit of electricity is carried out, and their capacity has been increased,” says the article.

Meanwhile, a substation is also being built to expand transit opportunities and synchronize power systems, according to the article.

Currently, Azerbaijan's power system operates in parallel with the energy systems of Russia and Georgia, noted the author.

Pirverdiyev noted that the electricity export from Azerbaijan to neighboring countries rose by 300 percent in 1H17 and the sales totaled $25 million.

Azerbaijan has started exporting electricity to Turkey through Georgia since February 7, 2016.

The electricity export is carried out via the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey energy bridge.

In this project, Georgia acts as a transit country, which will also export electricity. Azerbaijan at the same time can repay the debt to Turkey for the electricity supplied to the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, and then enter the European market.

The power generation capacity of Azerbaijan’s electric power system enables the country to export 2.1 billion kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

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