Has Melania Trump hired body double to avoid the president?

  20 October 2017    Read: 1791
Has Melania Trump hired body double to avoid the president?
First Lady Melania Trump has been replaced by a body double - [but as yet there is no word as to whether her husband President Donald Trump has noticed!
That is one of the latest dubious theories to have been seized upon in the Wild West of the internet.

So far the less-than-compelling evidence of this deception is contained in a brief clip of footage of her standing next to Trump as he made remarks on the Iran nuclear deal and hurricane relief for Puerto Rico on Friday.

While Trump’s often bizarre behaviour and proclamations are common, conspiracy theorists have seized upon the president’s rather odd reference to his wife during this particular press conference.

“My wife Melania, who happens to be right here,” he said, somewhat unnecessarily, as she stood next to him.

‘Melania’, dressed not unlike Inspector Gadget in a belted trench coat and sunglasses despite the overcast day, remained mute and grave-faced for this exchange.

As well commenting on Melania/ the mysterious interloper’s conspicuous attempt to look non-conspicuous, the internet has focused the laser of suspicion upon her nose – which is apparently a markedly different shape to that of the First Lady’s.

And some people have even made guesses at just who has stepped up to fill in for Melania...

Whether Melania is indeed using a body double (or has simply left her husband and he’s hired one), it wouldn’t be the first time such rumours had occurred.

The original article was published in the Huffington Post Australia.

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