SOCAR completes geophysical exploration onshore Azerbaijan

  24 October 2017    Read: 761
SOCAR completes geophysical exploration onshore Azerbaijan
A production division of the Department of Geophysics and Geology (DGG) of Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR has carried out complex geophysical exploration work on regional oil and gas bearing structures in the Yevlakh-Agdjabadi trough in Azerbaijan, SOCAR said in a message on its website Oct. 24.
In the course of the work started in April 2017 with the purpose of regional tracking of Meso-Cenozoic deposits and studying the thickness of sediment complexes of various ages, in general, 2D seismic surveys were carried out at four regional oil and gas bearing structures on the territory of 312 linear kilometers, as well as gravimetric and magnetometric surveys on the territory of 340 linear kilometers, according to the message.

“The fieldwork planned for 2017 has been successfully completed,” the message said. “The data received are currently being processed and interpreted.”

Based on the geophysical data obtained, depth maps of different scales will be compiled, seismic stratigraphic studies will be carried out based on the results of comprehensive seismic data interpretation, as well as seismic facies will be identified, according to the message.

“The new data will create conditions to carry out exploration drilling in the right direction,” the message said.

SOCAR includes such production associations as Azneft (the enterprises producing oil and gas onshore and offshore), Azerikimya (the chemical enterprises) and Azerigas (distributor of gas produced in the country), as well as oil and gas processing plants, service companies, and the facilities involved in geophysical and drilling operations.

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